Expertise is the new sales

Expertise is the new sales


I attended a brilliant Books For Breakfast event the other day to hear Dan Pink talk about his new book ‘To Sell Is Human’ and discuss his views on how the discipline of sales has changed from a ‘Buyer Beware’ to a ‘Seller Beware’ world.

He argued the role of sales is now in everyone’s job description, not just in those individuals that have Sales in their title. And that to excel in this new world of sales, you need to present the best expertise in the marketplace to the buyer.

This underlines a view that we’ve  held for a while now about the discipline of thought leadership in communications activity.

There is a fundamental requirement to be clear about what your unique selling point (USP) is and the value that brings to your customer  and the expertise you have to deliver that point of difference.  The business then needs to gear all of its communications to reinforce that USP through the creation and curation of content and to own and demonstrate that expertise in all it does.

New tools to curate and create content are appearing all the time. But what’s important first is for everyone within a business to recognise their role in sales, be aligned to the chosen topic of expertise and then to put all of their collective energy into expressing that expertise in a coordinated way through all forms of communications.

The best sellers will be those that build a profile as the most influential experts in their field through a coordinated communications approach.  For more thoughts on this approach, please take a look at our blog – Five #influence tips to turn your comms campaign into a symphony.



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